Treatment Options for Spider Veins in Oklahoma City

Vein treatments in Oklahoma City have come a long way over the years. With our cutting-edge treatments that are based on the latest research, we can offer you great results for your skin and unwanted spider veins in no time at all.

First, you must understand what spider veins are in order to see how they must be treated. Spider veins are generally seen as merely cosmetic problems. They create a web-like pattern of lines, usually on your legs, although some spider veins show up on your facial skin. Most are purple, but they can also be blue or red. If you have spider veins, you have probably become adept at hiding them under makeup or clothing. However, with one of our treatment options, you will no longer have to hide.

The first treatment that people use is mainly for very narrow spider veins that are barely visible on the skin. A non-invasive treatment is the best solution for this problem, and we like to use laser vein treatments because of their safety and efficacy. Lasers are safe for use on nearly all skin types, although individuals with darker skin may need to be more careful with their use. When the laser rays pass through the skin, they are absorbed by the vein walls. This causes the vein walls to swell shut, cutting off blood supply through the vein and making blood flow to healthier veins. Over time, your body will gradually reabsorb this now-dead vein, and you will see it fade from your skin. You may need four or more laser treatments for full results.

Sclerotherapy is the main treatment option in Oklahoma City that produces much the same results. Sclerotherapy can be used for moderate to large spider veins and even for some smaller varicose veins. This is a minimally-invasive treatment that only requires an injection of a sclerosing agent to irritate the vein walls and close down the vein for good. It does not require an actual recovery time or extreme side effects.

There is no reason for you to have to live with spider veins or other visible veins any longer. With our amazing spider vein treatments in Oklahoma City, you can see clearer, smoother skin again. Experience our cutting-edge spider vein treatments at Jon Ric International Health and Wellness by contacting us today and scheduling a consultation at our office in Edmond!

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