Smooth Away Dynamic Wrinkles with BOTOX in Edmond

No one wants to develop crow’s feet on their face. Just the name crow’s feet is enough to make a person shrink away in dismay. Crow’s feet are the dynamic wrinkles that develop along the sides of your eyes. Everyone has crow’s feet when they smile. In fact, crow’s feet are one of the markers that a person can use to determine whether someone’s smile is genuine or not. The problem is that as we age, those wrinkles that develop along the sides of our eyes when we smile can engrave themselves into our skin. That means that those wrinkles are there whether we are smiling or not.

Here’s a problem with crow’s feet. They make you look and they make you feel older than you are. If you are an expressive person who is constantly using the muscles around your eyes, you are only increasing your chance of developing crow’s feet. Thankfully, crow’s feet are not unbeatable. In fact, BOTOX® can make your crow’s feet a thing of the past here in Edmond.

BOTOX® has been specifically designed to treat dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles, like crow’s feet, are formed when you make facial expressions. What’s awesome is that in addition to fixing crow’s feet, BOTOX® can address the other dynamic wrinkles you have on your face. This is true whether these dynamic wrinkles are on your forehead, around your nose, or around your mouth. BOTOX® has been proven to be an effective treatment in this regard.

The best way to describe what BOTOX® does is that it provides an extreme type of muscle relaxation. As we mentioned, dynamic wrinkles are caused by facial expressions. When your muscles move, they cause your skin to contract. When you’re young, your skin is able to contract with muscle movements and then go right back to its relaxed condition. However, as you get older and as the skin on your face becomes thinner, it starts to lose its ability to spring back after each contraction. It eventually gets to the point where the wrinkles and creases that are formed when you make a facial expression become engraved in your face.

BOTOX® blocks the signals from your nerves to your facial muscles. This means that your facial muscles do not contract as forcefully when you make a facial expression. As a result, your facial skin does not crinkle, and over time, the wrinkles that have developed are able to fall out.

There are a few things to remember about BOTOX®. First, the results are not seen immediately. You get the injectionS and it will take you somewhere between three and six days before you start to really notice the results. Second, the results of the injections are not permanent. For most people, the results will last from somewhere between three and four months. After that time, you will need to have follow-up BOTOX® injections in order to maintain the results.

BOTOX® is a tremendous tool that has helped many people combat dynamic wrinkles in Edmond. Get in touch with us at Jon Ric International Health and Wellness to schedule a consultation. Contact us today to book your appointment at our office in Edmond!

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