Reasons to Consider Bioidentical Hormone Replacement in OKC

The negative signs of aging are something that impacts everyone. By the time you reach your mid-30s, you may already be starting to feel and see the differences caused by significantly lower hormone levels which decrease as we age. Often time, this can cause individuals to develop an imbalance in hormones in both women and men. Patients have reported being misdiagnosed with antidepressants and antianxiety medications, only to find that the root of the problem is actually a hormone imbalance. As a means to mitigate the impact of lower hormone levels which continue to decrease with age, patients are suggested to try bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) as an alternative to conventional hormone replacement options.

BHRT is a treatment that fights aging and balances the hormones in the body. This approach uses chemically and biologically identical hormones. This makes BHRT a better option over conventional hormone replacement therapy, which use synthetic hormones. Below are some of the potentially reversible symptoms reported after receiving bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Energy and Fatigue

One of the most common benefits experienced by patients after using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a transition from feeling fatigued to feeling an increase in energy. As your hormones decline with age, they tend to drain the energy levels for most people. When you constantly feel fatigued, it can become increasingly difficult to remain as active as you once were throughout the day. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a fairly straightforward medical approach for helping you restore your energy, sex drive, and endurance.

Handling Depression

As men approach andropause, and women approach menopause, experiencing a significant drop in hormones can have a negative impact on overall mood. This is something that should be taken into consideration and monitored through your 30s and older. Episodes of depression are common during this transition, but individuals commonly experience episodes of irritation as well. Fortunately, the option of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help provide your body with an adequate supply of hormones that may positively affect your mood and sense of well-being.

Other Hormone-Related Issues

If you do not already know, hormones are responsible for supporting more than your energy and mood. In fact, a significant drop in hormone levels can produce other unwanted symptoms. You may start to experience the need for far more sleep, or alternatively notice a developed difficulty falling asleep. You may begin to experience hot flashes and night sweats. You may notice the onset of memory loss, muscle loss, or even weight gain. You may experience thinning bones, and still, all of this does not cover the total detrimental impact of how your body can be affected by a significant drop in hormones as you age. Again, this is where bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can make a huge difference in how you manage these and other hormone-related issues.

If the symptoms above sound similar to what you are experiencing, and you would like to learn more about the potential benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, get in contact with one of our experienced professionals at Jon Ric International Health and Wellness located in Edmond. We would be more than happy to assist you in exploring your options for restoring your energy for a more youthful and balanced you. Contact us today to schedule your health consultation!

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