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What woman doesn’t dream of long, full, sexy lashes that grab a lot of attention? Unfortunately, many of us weren’t born with perfect eyelashes and have had to settle with short, stumpy lashes. Eyelash extension treatments are the answer and an amazing way to get instantly glamorous eye fringe from the lash experts at our office. Imagine waking up to long, full, dark eyelashes that last for weeks. You don’t even have to whip out the mascara wand; that’s how stunning eyelash extensions can appear.

One Gorgeous Lash at a Time

It’s a real art applying eyelash extensions. Technicians apply the extensions on top of your natural lashes. The treatments involve attention to detail and a single lash being applied at a time.

You have several options, too. You can select the number of lashes you prefer, for example. It depends on the look you’re after. Eyelash extension treatments also let you decide on the curl factor of your new lashes, and then, there is the length. Our specialist will help you choose the ideal eyelash extension type based on how strong your natural lashes are and their length.

Another consideration is the eyelash material. Mink, silk or synthetic all have their advantages. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West and Jennifer Lopez have all admitted to wearing eyelash extensions, and mink has been their go-to favorite for its soft, natural appearance.

A Popular Beauty Trend

Women of all ages have become obsessed with eyelash extension treatments because the results are quick, gorgeous and can last for weeks. It’s the kind of procedure that needs a professional lash technician to perform, however, and not a do-it-yourself beauty treatment.

Caring for your new lashes is a breeze. Like natural lashes and the growth cycle, your eyelash extensions will eventually fall out, so going back for fill-ins is recommended every two to three weeks to maintain your full set.

Let’s be totally honest; long, silky, full lashes are dreamy, but not every girl’s DNA has been given this asset. That’s okay because you can achieve gorgeous, glamorous lashes that look like they’re yours when you undergo eyelash extension treatments at Jon Ric International Health and Wellness. The right licensed technicians matter, however, and at our office in Edmond, we have some of the finest professionals on staff. We know how to apply these beautiful eyelash extensions properly and deliver the look you’re going for. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more!

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