Get Rid of Unwanted Veins with Varicose Vein Treatment in Oklahoma City

You have been spending a lot of time standing at your job. At first, this was just a routine practice that made you feel fatigued by the end of the day. Now, some years later, you are noticing that you are getting the beginning signs of varicose veins. Sure, there were some initial signs of restless leg activity and itching in the affected area, but the bulges formed by varicose veins are starting to show. If this is something that bothers you, consider varicose vein treatment at our office in Oklahoma City.

Causes of Varicose Veins

While standing for long periods on a regular basis is certainly a major cause of varicose veins, it is by far not the only reason they begin to form. The most typical reason why you would expect to have varicose veins is because of excess pressure building up in the affected area, leading to a breakdown in the elasticity of the vein walls and a malfunction of the valves that prevent blood from back-flowing in the veins. When blood is allowed to reflux like that, it indicates that the valve has become weak or incompetent.


Both men and women in Oklahoma City seek varicose vein treatment for this condition. In most cases, the treatment options are relatively simple. For example, injection sclerotherapy can be used to affect the problematic vein in a way that causes the body to eventually absorb the leftover vein material and remove it as waste.

After having a varicose vein treatment, it may seem confusing to some people how the blood that once circulated within a given pathway is now missing from the pathway. Not to worry, the body is designed with multiple pathways to direct blood flow back to the heart. Removing one or more of these pathways does not necessarily pose a health risk or produce a serious problem with circulation. The body can adapt to this situation just fine by pushing the blood through different pathways back to the heart.

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