Benefits of Massage Therapy in Edmond, OK

Most people only go for a massage when their muscles feel tense, sore and tired. Surprisingly, however, massage therapy can provide a very impressive range of health benefits. From increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to breaking up stored toxins and expediting their removal, getting a massage is one of the best things that Edmond, Oklahoma residents can do to both bolster and build their overall health. Following are just a few of the incredible advantages that people can gain by spending some time on a massage table.

Lengthen, Relax and Realign the Spine

Spinal subluxations are something that you’re only likely to hear about when visiting a chiropractor’s office. In reality, however, most people have a number of mild to moderate injuries of the spine that affect their posture, movement and overall comfort levels. Whether you’ve been in a minor car accident or spend hours each day performing repetitive motion tasks or craning over a computer, you probably have stiffness and pain along the upper, middle and lower back. Not only is this the result of alignment issues, but it also means that the surrounding muscle groups are having to work harder to compensate. In these instances, massage therapy can gently coax displaced vertebrae back into position while alleviating the stress and tension that has developed in muscles that are being overworked.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

For those who lead incredibly active and high-stress lifestyles, massage therapy can also be a way to ensure good general health. Letting yourself be pampered while built-up, physical stress is literally smoothed away and can actually lower and regulate your blood pressure. This is especially true when people make massage therapy a regular part of their ongoing stress management plans. If you’re looking for a natural way to keep hypertension at bay, having your sore muscles kneaded could do the trick.

Get Better Rest

Massage is also a wonderful solution to many common sleep troubles. If you suffer from insomnia, restless leg syndrome or difficulty sleeping the whole night through, scheduling a massage will put you on the path to decent rest.

By stimulating improvements in circulation, promoting lymph drainage, pampering and realigning the spine and alleviating back pain, leg pain and many other discomforts, massage therapy can help people achieve a totally relaxed state. This level of relaxation will make it much easier to drift off, and it is far more likely that people will stay asleep until their minds and bodies are truly refreshed.

Digestive Regularity

One of the most surprising benefits of massage therapy is its ability to promote digestive regularity. When performed by competent professionals, the right massage techniques can produce regular bowel movements and softer stools. This can be very beneficial for those who routinely suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids and general gastric distress.

Massage therapy has helped millions of people improve their overall health, and it can help you, too. At Jon Ric International Health and Wellness, we can help you learn more about the many benefits of regular massages. Contact our office in Edmond today to book your first appointment!

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