Am I a Candidate for BOTOX in Edmond?

Basic Requirements for Treatment

Given that BOTOX® does not involve any tissue removal, incisions, excessive aftereffects, or recovery period, there are very few general health requirements for treatment. Of course, good candidates are in good overall health and have realistic expectations regarding the treatment and the results.

Addressing Your Dynamic Wrinkles

Since BOTOX® injections typically take just minutes to complete and most patients see noticeable results within just days, this treatment often seems near-magical. In reality, however, BOTOX® is only suitable for addressing one very specific type of facial wrinkling. This is dynamic wrinkling, or wrinkles that are largely associated with facial movement. You’ll notice these wrinkles most whenever you smile, frown, or furrow your brow. Conversely, static wrinkles remain visible even when the face is totally relaxed. Static wrinkles are a significantly more advanced form of facial aging that’s related to both volume loss and the gradual breakdown of the skin’s integrity. While BOTOX® injections can release dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkles will remain unaffected.

A Look at the Treatment

BOTOX® treatments are performed in the comfort of our office in Edmond. During the treatment, the solution is skillfully injected into the preselected facial muscles. This ultimately causes the muscles to relax, which leaves the skin on top of them smooth and wrinkle-free. The client can still make all of the normal facial expressions. The only difference will be that the skin in the treated area remains smooth rather than showing signs of dynamic wrinkling.

Natural-Looking, Temporary Results

One of the best things about BOTOX® is that the results look natural. Your friends and family members will notice that you look younger and more refreshed; however, they won’t be able to tell that you had anything done. The results also last for about four months or so, and the treatments can be repeated at our office in Edmond as needed for ongoing benefits.

BOTOX® is a great option for patients in the Edmond area who are hesitant to commit to more invasive procedures. Best of all, BOTOX® can be safely paired with a number of popular dermal fillers to address both static and dynamic wrinkles at once.

You can get all the facts about BOTOX® during an initial consultation at Jon Ric International Health and Wellness in Edmond. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!

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